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Frequently Asked Questions

What are nodes and blocks?

Nodes are like folders and give your WisdomTree its structure. Blocks are the texts, images and quotes attached to nodes.

Can I use WisdomTree on Android and iOS?

While WisdomTree is fully functional on mobile already, we are also working on native apps that you can download via the app stores. Let us know via email or chat if you want to join the beta test!

How can everything be free right now?

At the moment our priority is to build a note-taking and learning app that creates a positive impact. While we plan to introduce optional subscriptions in the future, it's not on top of our to-do list. This is possible because we work on WisdomTree part-time.

Will it stay free to use forever?

Yes, we are committed to providing a basic version of the app for free. There are times in life where you spend less time learning, and we want to make sure that our users can still access and use the app even if they do not need advanced features for the time being.

Can I get my notes out of WisdomTree?

Yes, we have an export feature that lets you download all of your nodes and blocks as markdown files. Markdown is a widely used format for storing formatted texts that is supported by a variety of free text editors.

What features are you working on next?

Check out our roadmap to see what we are working on, what features are planned, and to contribute with your own ideas!