About Us

The story behind WisdomTree.

Hey there!

A few years ago, I started reading non-fiction books on productivity, management, and many other topics I was curious about. There are many good ideas out there, and many of the things we struggle with have already been figured out by someone else. The problem was that I couldn't remember many of the things I read about long-term. I forgot most of it before I could put it to use. I started reading about the science behind learning, and discovered that memory is like a muscle that can be trained and improved. I learnt that part of the solution to my problem is active reading and taking good notes. But even after doing that, my notes would just collect dust. That's when I started to build WisdomTree. I created an app that helps me keep the most important ideas top of mind. It transformed my approach to learning and note-taking, and I hope it does the same for you!

All the best,